The Foundation aims to develop, catalog and make available the legacy of the priest prof. W. Myszor.
This valuable collection, numbering about 4,000 volumes, one of the few of its kind in Poland,
includes publications in the field of Gnosis, Manicheism, Hermeticism and related doctrines. As in
every library, and in this case in particular, the collection needs qualified people who know at least
one foreign language besides the Polish language: English, French, German, Russian, Latin, Greek or

If you are interested in the history of the ancient church, if you have some free time, if you are
looking for a place to pass internships, please contact us. For sure there will be a place for you in the
group of volunteers.
Knowledge of computer skills and the ability to enter data into the electronic catalog. Most of the
work is done on site, but it is also possible to work on a computer at home. Students from history,
librarianship, and computer science are welcome, but many tasks do not require such qualifications.
We provide data entry training to the catalog.
We need a person:
Who speak foreign languages: English, French, German, Russian, Latin, Greek or Coptic
For work on developing, cataloging books and prints.
To work on developing, arranging and pagination of the archival collection.