The aim of the Center is to continue and spread broadly defined history of the ancient Church
research, including gnosticism and related fields; translation and development of Nag Hammadi
codes; English translation of Wincenty Myszor's publications), conferences, seminars, lectures
organization and publishing.

The Center includes its publications in the periodical Studia Antiquitatis Christianae. Series Nova

The Center is a part of the Department of Theology of the University of Silesia in Katowice and has
open and honorary status

The Center's scientific and organizational activities are coordinated with the authorities of the
Department of Patristic Theology and Church History.

The Center's work is directed by the chairman, elected for a determined time by its members,
approved by the Faculty Board of Department of Theology. Members are a an advisory body and may
be affiliated to different University of Silesia departments than Theological one . The chairman's term
of office lasts 3 years and may be reelected.

The Center's headquarter is located in Theological Library in Katowice at the Patristic Laboratory, at
17 Wita Stwosza Street, 40-042 Katowice.

The Laboratory collections include all books which were given to the Theological Library by prof.
Wincenty Myszor and other ones carved-out from the main collection of Theological Library.

The Center's equipment provided by the Theological Library remains under The Center's care.

The Center has its own website in Polish and in congress languages.
Under the auspices of the Center, there will be prepared theses on topics related to the Center's
program. The Center's members will be the theses' promoters.

The Center announces a competition for the best diploma thesis related to the subject matter of the
Center's interest, gives opinions and awards prizes to the awarded works

Members of the Center may make scientific research related to their affiliation, regardless of
research made at the Center.

The Center may cooperate in the scientific field with other university institutions.